The Domestic Botanist - Necklace Amulet Silver

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An amulet is a small object worn to ward off evil, harm, illness or to bring good fortune; protecting charm. Each flower on this amulet has its symbolic meaning. Together they will make you feel at home, wherever you are.

The text on the amulet:
nusquam alienam domum ubique -
a stranger nowhere, at home everywhere.


Many cultures have their own symbolic flower language. From the greek and roman mythology, to christianity, hinduism and buddhism. the western language of flowers, which is a complex system of symbolism where every flower has a specific meaning, probably stems from the turkish ‘sélam’. This is a method to communicate with flowers and other objects. In the turkish tradition objects didn’t have a symbolic meaning. The receiver had to decipher the message by guessing words that rhymed the object.


The amulet is designed and made in The Netherlands. This amulet is made in accordance with the regulations for sustainability, integrity and regulations relating to trading and manufacturing of precious metals. This means people and nature have been fairly treated during the realisation of this amulet.

Necklace : 45 cm
Material : solid sterling silver