Anneloes Gerdien - 1/2 Earpieces

115 EUR

1/2 is a handmade set of earpieces, inspired by the interaction of organisms enfolding in time. The negative and positive shapes are seen as equal and are created through a natural line of thought. This organic flow of gestures results in these silver earpieces that look like they already existed. Two unique objects that belong together but can also live apart.

About Anneloes Gerdien
Anneloes Gerdien van der Vinne (1993) is an artist working in the fields of painting, drawing and final metalworking.  In her drawings, panels and her jewellery she expresses her fascination with natural evolution and emotions that occur in her daily life. She reflects this thinking throughout her whole body of work, inspired by the organic structures that surround us.  Anneloes lives and works in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

  • Handmade in Utrecht, The Netherlands
  • Sterling Silver 925
  • Dimensions:  25x65x01 cm
  • 16,90gr