Baserange - Elastic bell pants bamboo nude

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Low cut underpants with a wide elastic band, made of thin and soft bamboo jersey.

Most of Baserange's underwear is made of bamboo fibers, because of its softness and lightness. Bamboo yarn is not as cotton, which is a mechanical produced yarn, the bamboo needs a chemical treatment for the spinning, so it can not be organic certified. Still bamboo is considered sustainable as it needs very little pesticides and agrochemicals. Water consumption is very small too, and it needs very little land space to grow, unlike cotton. Naturally disease and pest resistant, bamboo is also fast growing. Compared to trees, certain varieties of bamboo can grow 1–4 ft long per day, and can even branch and expand outward because of its underground rhizomes.

About Baserange
Going against modern standards, Baserange promotes the diversity and beauty of women. Following this philosophy, they create clean and easy garments that still make you stand out. Baserange's focus is on working with high quality, organic fabrics in innovative ways that benefits both producer and consumer while minimizing environmental impact.
  • Ethically made in Portugal
  • 96% Bamboo, 4% Elastane
  • Model wears size S.
  • Runs right to size