Baserange - Overknee Socks Black

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These beautiful timeless black cotton-blend rib overknee socks by Baserange are made in France 👌

History of overknee socks
Before the 1960 knee high socks were mostly considered practical items. In the '60's they became part of the feminist movement, when liberal women had a fresh approach to fashion that underlined their independency. During this period feminist women were wearing short dresses, short hair, high heels and high socks. Icons such as Twiggy were wearing short shorts, miniskirts and white or pastel toned knee-high socks 💪👭👊

In the decades that followed, the knee-high remained a wardrobe staple and made its way into casual, academic and sporting outfits worldwide. In the 90's overknee socks were worn all the time in cult film Clueless, and since then the knee-high has gained iconic fashion status 💅🏻✌️💜

📷4: Twiggy, 1960
📷5: Jane Birkin, 1971
📷6: Cher Horowitz and her girlfriends in Clueless, 1995
📷7: Chloe Sevigny, recently
  • 88% cotton, 10% polyamide, 2% elastane
  • Made in France
  • One size fits all