Friday's Project - Frills sleeve bamboo t-shirt black

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This top with double layered frills sleeves is made of bamboo. Bamboo is known for its softness and lightness, making this top beautiful yet comfortable to wear! 

About bamboo
Bamboo needs a chemical treatment for the spinning, so it can not be organic certified. Still bamboo is considered sustainable as it needs little pesticides and agrochemicals. Water consumption is very small too, and it needs very little land space to grow, unlike cotton. Naturally disease and pest resistant, bamboo is also fast growing. Compared to trees, certain varieties of bamboo can grow 1–4 ft long per day, and can even branch and expand outward because of its underground rhizomes.

About Friday's Project

Designed in Barcelona en made exclusively in Spain and Portugal, Friday’s Project’s garments help to reduce our environmental footprint. In their opinion it’s not necessary to have lots of clothes, so they design garments that are easy to combine.
  • Ethically made in Portugal
  • 95% bamboo 5% elastan
  • Fits true to size