Vegan Nail Polish - Base Coat

13.90 EUR

It might surprise you to hear that conventional nail polish isn’t vegan. It might contain carmine and/or guanine. These nail varnishes by sustainable cosmetics brand Kia-Charlotta do not have any animal derived ingredients.

This nail polish is 100% cruelty free, meaning it has never been tested on animals throughout their supply chain. Kia-Charlotta is registered by PETA and The Vegan Society.

All of their nail polishes are 14 FREE, meaning it does not include the following 14 most commonly used more toxic ingredients:
1. Phtalates (incl. Dibutylphthalate (DBP), Diethylhexyl Phthalate (DEHP))
2. Toluene (also Methylbenzene)
3. Xylene
4. Camphor
5. Formaldehyde
6. Formaldehyde Resin
7. Ethyltosylamide
8. Triphenylphostphate
9. Colophoneum
10. Organic Halides (AOX)
11. Parabens
12. Silicone
13. Fragrances
14. Animal Derived Ingredients.

  • 11 ml
  • Vegan Base Coat
  • We also sell a Vegan Top Coat and different colours