YearOne Collective - Happy Duvet Coat Terra Cotta

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This duvet coat!!! For us it was love at first sight  💥☄️💎 

About YearOne Collective
Founded by design-duo Paula Fernandes and Abby Best, YearOne is a premium womenswear label focused on the sophisticated urban woman, shaped by their fluid lifestyles and the environment around them. It’s founded on an inherent understanding of women who live active, multi-dimensional city lives but who do not compromise on style. We think Yearone distinguishes itself with their eye for detail. In their collections, every single item stands out on its own though the use of beautiful fabrics, textures, bold colours and forms.

  • Designed in London and made in China
  • 65% cotton, 35% polyester
  • Fill 100% polyester, so 100% vegan
  • One size fits all, because of its oversized shape
  • Please take care in the rain as this coat is not waterproof.
Iconic garment:
Did you know the first down jacket was created as an alternative for the fur coat? This beautiful vegan duvet coat by YearOne has a bunch of iconic predecessors making it a timeless and practical warm coat;⠀⠀

📷 4: The first quilted down coat, called the Skyliner, was created by Eddie Bauer in 1936 out of personal necessity because he needed a more practical coat than the standard fur coat for his fishing trips in mid-winter. It encased down feathers within quilted fabric and his patented creation was entirely successful at keeping the wearer warm ❄️🏆💥⠀

📷 5: Designed by Charles James in 1937, the construction of this elegant evening jacket used the same principle as an eiderdown bed quilt. Considered to be one of his most important designs, as it is a marker of his extraordinary technical ability as a pattern cutter 📐✏️🔪⠀

📷 6: In the early 1970s, after Norma Kamali took a camping trip, he designed an electric blue sleeping bag coat version which comes complete with a sleeping bag cover that the coat neatly packs into. It is now part of the collection of The Metropolitan Museum of Art⛺️〰🖼⠀

📷 7: The AW99 duvet coat by Maison Martin Margiela has gained the reputation of a classic. His coat came with multiple dust covers: in wool, plastic for snow and rain, and a flower-patterned sheet-like print for dressing up ☔️➰💐 -> so cool!